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Ornamental what is it good for? Absolutely everything!

In addition to the flooring options presented in our collections, Vintage Lumber also supplies decorative /structural reclaimed beams and reclaimed¬† mantels. Beams, when not reclaimed to be re purposed as part of our Vintage Collection flooring, can be used to add drama or a touch of warmth to any room. Vintage Lumber Beams are available in the following species: Oak, Fir, Yellow Pine, White Pine, Hickory, Ash, and other less common species. Eighty percent of the beams sold by Vintage Lumber are Oak timbers recovered from old barns and industrial buildings. The beams reserved for sale as decorative timbers are mostly “Hand Hewn 4 and 2 Sided” timbers of various sizes. These timbers are selected for the following criteria: Integrity-minimum of mortice holes (holes originally cut for mortice and tenon construction),

  • Absence of fractures, and minimum of deterioration (rot, insect damage)
  • Girth (width and height)-smaller beams (3” x 8”, 4” x 6”, 6′ ‘x 6 ”, 5’ ‘x 7”, etc. up to 8’ ‘x 8”) are generally more well suited for residential room applications in ceilings up to 9’.
  • Larger timbers up to 12′ ‘x 14” are usually available.
  • Length-most applications require timbers at least 10′ long. We inventory timbers up to 40’long.
  • Vintage Lumber offers several services to customize and protect your beams:
  • Saw milling one face to cut beams to give a flat surface for attaching the timbers to drywall or plaster surfaces.
  • We have both band saw and circle saw to accommodate specific desired texture finishes on beams that are to be exposed on all sides.
  • BoarCare Treatment to assure that all active and dormant insects are eliminated.
  • Water blasting to remove accumulated dust, whitewash, and paint. This process leaves the beauty of the original hand carved surface without removing the gray to brown patina acquired from years of exposure to the atmosphere.

Vintage Lumber takes great pride in the Ornamental  Reclaimed Beams & Reclaimed Mantels and Stair Parts we provide and we encourage you to inquire regarding your specific requirements. Over the past 40+ years our timbers and stair parts have been used in various exciting applications including decorative ceiling and wall treatments, post and beam construction, restoration and repair, antique log cabin construction and restoration, fireplace mantles, and window/door surrounds. Our years of experience in both construction and deconstruction of antique buildings allows us to offer you the best of materials, advice, and service.


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