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Reclaimed barn wood siding are boards that have been cut and used to cover the exterior of a building. Siding is typically 3/4 inch thick and can be random widths or all one width. Siding boards are weathered boards found in a variety of grey, white, red, and brown color tones. Siding is measured in square foot. Measure the width and height of your space in feet(with a tape measure) and then write it down. Use a calculator to multiply the width and height of the area you want to cover. Add 7-10% to the total to allow for waste to ensure you have enough planks to complete the project.

Cool Tip: Use Flat Black Spray Paint and pre-spray the wall (during installation) behind the naturally occurring holes in the planks. Or staple a thin tar paper sheet behind. The holes are typical and expected in authentic reclaimed wood.  Maintain the timeless beauty by vacuuming off dust with a brush attachment. Do not use furniture polish or cleaners. Crayons and magic marker mishaps can be carefully removed with mineral spirits or paint thinner.

Because this is authentic which is the opposite of fake, rustic, or whatever term chosen, there is natural variance in color.



  • Exterior, Residential Siding
  • Interior Wall Paneling
  • Decorative Accent Walls or Art
  • Ceiling Paneling
  • Commercial Accent Walls
  • Commercial Building Decor



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