Pandemic Update - Vintage Lumber Is Open For Business

Considering continuing Covid 19 concerns, we ask that you call the office to schedule a visit to the showroom.

Please call 301-845-2500

We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Hope to hear from you soon.

Black, Grey & White Barn Paneling

3″-6″ Brown Barn Board Paneling & Bar Top

Wormy American Chestnut

Brown Barn Wood Paneling

Whiskey Springs Oak Paneling and Rough Sawn Beams/Mantel

Whiskey Spring Oak Barn Siding 2″-6″

Mushroom Wood 7″

Red Barn Siding and Mushroom Wood

Brown Barn Wood

Mixed Barn Siding and 2″ x 4″ shared office space

Whiskey Springs Blend Paneling

Family Meal – Brown Barn Siding

Frederick Christian Fellowship- Brown Sugar Pine Siding

Whiskey Springs Oak Flooring 4″-8″ and Brown Barn Wood Siding

Mixed Barn Siding