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Rustic Walnut

History and Characteristics of Rustic Walnut

Most often referred to as Black Walnut is highly available and highly sought after. The wood is sometimes classified as a premium domestic hardwood. The heartwood can vary in color from a pale brown to a darker chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. The sapwood is pale yellow-gray to nearly white. Generally the wood is easy to work with with planer tearout causing problems sometimes with irregular or figured grain. Overall the wood is decay resistant, stable when dried and shock resistant and is a favorite for furniture, cabinetry and veneer.

Black Walnut has maintained it’s high value among American hardwoods over the eras, and the Black Walnut-mania is alive and well, if not intensified in the 21st c. It’s one of the few new lumber products in inventory, but in a grade that retains the natural features of the wood – streaks of lighter sap wood, knots and stress cracks. But it’s those natural imperfections that are welcome in many city homes, providing both sophisticated elegance and natural warmth The wood is known for it’s darker tones of brown-black and pronounced hardwood figure. We mill 3/4″ T/G flooring or supply thicker stock for furniture making.



  • New Rustic solid wood flooring is normally milled to 3/4″ thickness .
  • Vintage Lumber is also able to meet customer’s requirements for both thinner (minimum 3/8”) and thicker solid flooring.
  • Most of our solid flooring is produced in random widths(RW) from 2” to 10”, on the full inch face. Typical RW ranges are 3” to 6”(3,4,5,6), 3” to 8”, 7” to 10”, or any combination needed. Board widths of over 20” are sometimes available in certain species. The wider the widths required, the higher the costs. Our RW flooring is usually not sold as a repeating pattern(equal lineal feet of each width). For prompt filling of orders, we base our RW counts on available widths in inventory, and we calculate a 9 or 10 board width sequence to facilitate installation to avoid all of one width remaining at the end.
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